Vehicle breakdown cover

Keen Insurance offers vehicle breakdown cover that means you'll never be left stranded.

We have access to industry-leading products and can deliver affordable and comprehensive cover, particularly if you have organised your motoring policy through us too.

Vehicle breakdown cover

Most other motoring policies do not facilitate mid-term changes, but our team can organise for vehicle breakdown cover to be bolted on to your existing motoring policy at any time. 

Vehicle breakdown cover offers peace of mind on any journey. 

Hassle-free Vehicle breakdown cover

If you are a car owner, you may have experienced a blown tyre or a steaming engine - both scary and inconvienient situations

Cold weather can enhance the stress of the situation, so breakdown cover can be a real lifeline.

What type of breakdown cover?

We can secure affordable policies for roadside assistance, home assistance, vehicle recovery and onward travel to keep you motoring.