Industry and manufacture

Through vision and foresight, we understand what is required to fully protect all forms of heavy, medium and light industrial activities and manufacturing risks.

No matter what industry or manufacturing process you manage, our team will help identify the areas that require insurance, secure the right policies and stand-up for your protection when it counts. 

Business Interruption Cover

We are committed to keeping your business operation running smoothly. So supplier and customer extensions, temporary locations, loss of revenue, denial of access are all factors that should be considered for added protection with business interruption cover.

In respect of critical machinery, we often purchase engineering breakdown and interruption cover to ensure that production facilities and profits are properly protected.

Wide range of protection

Our products liability protection ranges from food manufacture and supply to precision-engineered parts destined for the aviation industry.

Global Liability Protection

Our business insurance advisers may be based in South Wales, but our experience and range is far-reaching. We have access to high liability indemnity limits and we regularly place liability cover for worldwide products, including USA and Canada exposure. 

Technical Add-Ons

We also regularly deal with environmental impairment covers and technical add-ons, such as financial loss, credit insurance, patent protection and product recall.

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