Auto enrolment

Also known as the “workplace pension”, auto enrolment is now a requirement for all employers in the UK with eligible staff.

Keen offers a cost-effective, comprehensive approach to auto enrolment. Support at every stage will help you achieve your businesses 'bigger picture' objectives.

The Government requires employers to auto enrol staff into a qualifying pension scheme, i.e. deduct a contribution from the employee's salary and also make a contribution. 

The contribution will increase over the course of the first three years of the scheme and ultimately the target is 8% of qualifying earnings in total split with 5% coming from the employee and 3% from the employer. 

The date that the scheme has to be in place by is called the “staging date” and HMRC will write to each employer one year ahead of this date and then again three months in advance. 

The largest employers are the first to go live and the legislation then works down through companies based on number of eligible employees. 

The PAYE reference can be used to establish the precise staging date and create a plan to comply with the regulations.

How Keen can help

Have you had confirmation of your staging date? You must act to meet the expectations of you as an employer.

As a fellow business, we will also have to address this matter – you're not alone.

Many businesses may have pension schemes in place. At Keen Investments we have advised on and handled group pension plans of all types for many years. 

If not, many concerns and questions may arise. Keen has the resource and experience to help employers, like you, to understand and respond to this new requirement.

Our approach is to help you comply with the legislation in a way that suits your specific workplace.

The next step

We would recommend an initial consultation to clearly establish your staging date, walk you through the implementation process and answer any questions you may have.

During this complimentary meeting, we will gather the data needed to produce our recommendations and outline our competitive charges for this advice and our future support.

An extra helping hand

There will be no annual maintenance charge if we also handle your employer's liability insurance.