Income protection insurance

Keen Insurance understands that your income is essential to your home, family and social life. We provide essential planning for a bump-free future.

Keen Insurance encourages a 'bigger picture' perspective – review your insurance policies now for long term security.

Let's make provisions

We all have responsibilities and saving projects that require monthly monetary injections. So what happens if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness and your income stops? 

Full income cover

Our team can make sure that, no matter what your circumstances, your income is protected with a detailed and affordable policy. Meaning that if your pay stops through not fault of your own, your insurance provider will make up the difference for the period agreed. 

Types of IP Protection

Whether you want long-term, short-term or accident, sickness and unemployment cover, we can help you decide which direction to choose from and the best policies to choose from.

If you do need time off there are also different payment options to consider - guarenteed, reviewable or age-related.

It might seem confusing, but we know this industry inside and out. We'll make sure this wealth of experience is used to successfully guide you in the right direction.