Construction, contractors and tradesmen

Height, heat, depth? No matter how obscure, we will locate a policy that covers all angles.

This is one of Keen Insurance's far-reaching classes of business. Our advisers have delivered standard and unusual policies to companies just like yours.  

Scale of experience

We boast over three decades of experience in this sector and will deal with all construction risks from a single self-build contract to multi-million pound housing developments, technical 278 works and all forms of civil engineering projects. 

Through our construction connections, Keen Insurance has also built up a large client base of tradesmen. So we have a far-reaching knowledge of the latest policies available in the market. 

Access to competitive markets

Our strength is in the markets that we use, with access to a wide range of construction insurance facilities and all major Lloyd’s syndicates.

Financial security

In addition to our tailored covers, we can also provide credit insurance and all forms of Local Authority and performance bonds.

Cover no matter how obscure

No matter the height, heat or depth, we know how to properly keep your operation protected, offering support with high indemnity limits, a waiver of subrogation if required and unspecified plant cover to guarantee security for the full lifecycle of your project.   

Contractor protection

Our abilities travel beyond construction alone, as Keen Insurance will cover contractors, regardless of the trade. We step outside of what insurers consider the norm and pride ourselves on being able to place any form of insurable risk. 

Trade liability policy

Our tradesmen liability policies range from a single sole trader up to a firm with ten employees. Beyond this level, we would issue a contractor’s policy. 

The primary advantage of the tradesmen’s policy is cost; they tend to be significantly cheaper than bespoke covers, although maintain Keen Insurance's promise of thorough protection.

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