Travel insurance

Our cover will watch over you as you travel far and wide. When you need it most, we offer security that won't let you down.

When you're busy planning a trip, organising insurance is often left to the last minute. So Keen Insurance's cover can be secured immediately with documents delivered electronically for instant reassurance. 

Away from home protection

There are a lot of travel insurance products available on the market including online offerings, but Keen Insurance delivers bespoke solutions that will care for you throughout any journey. 

This is one of our largest and busiest classes of business and, as a result, insurers give us great rates. 

World-wide emergency assistance

Each of our policies will be fully understood and explained by your insurance advisor, so that you can enjoy comprehensive protection when you're away from home. All of our travel policies come with world-wide emergency assistance and our continued support  throughout the life time of your policy.

Extra cover

We offer the usual annual, single and multi-trip offerings, but can also secure: 

 Long-stay policies

  • Backpacker’s insurance

  • One-way travel

  • Winter sports packages

  • Cruise policies

  • No upper age-limit policies

  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

  • Business trip and equipment

For customers with serious pre-existing medical condition, The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has launched a travel insurance directory. 

You can access their website  here or call 0800 138 7777.  Alternatively you can contact us on 01639 646464.