Our service levels

Keen Investments has the industry foresight and financial wisdom to advise on the best investment opportunities for you.

Keen Investments offer 3 levels of service depending on the type of assistance you need. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss our service levels.

Keen Investments offer 3 levels of service:

  1. Direct
  2. Ad Hoc
  3. Fully Advised


From time to time we will make a direct offer to selected clients via a campaign. These offers are aimed at individual investors and can be useful for regular or small lump sum savings.  The offer will clearly explain risk factors and charges and then it is your choice as to whether you take up the offer.  Individual advice is not provided but we do indicate what type of investor the offer is aimed at.

The main advantage of a direct offer is that there is often little or no initial charge.  The set-up costs are as low as we can make them and as there is no on-going advice recurring charges are limited to basic administration charges only.

Direct offers are publicised when available and we will obtain specific approval from our regulators before making any offer available to you.

Ad Hoc

Designed for the customer who knows what they want.  If you only want advice on a specific issue or a particular matter addressed or transacted we can focus our attention accordingly.  We agree a fee with you in advance and then advise and proceed accordingly.

Fully Advised

The majority of our customers are fully advised.  As described in the investment; pension and protection sections we will assess your needs, circumstances, tax position, attitude to risk and goals and aspirations.  We will create a plan with clear goals and advise you accordingly.

We will send you quarterly valuations in respect of pension and investment business and perform a brief half-year review.  We fully re-assess matters annually and complete the whole process again to ensure that we are advising you in line with your changing circumstances and goals.

You will have full access to your adviser and for the majority of investments and pensions you will be able to access your funds on line for valuation at any time.

For this service we will make an initial charge which will be agreed with you in advance.  We then make a small recurring charge annually in return for the service provided.  Our charges are simple; clear and very reasonable.  We do not have a complex menu of charges and we do not make any additional charges for valuations; phone calls; letters etc.