Private medical insurance

Keen Insurance cares for the wellbeing and future of you and those under your protection.

We hope you, your family or employees are not suffering from ill health, but planning for the future is so important.

Look ahead at the bigger picture

Private medical insurance will give you more options at a time when you need them most; quicker treatment and access to a greater range of medication will be covered by your policy.

Getting the best terms for you

We will even negotiate on your behalf to receive affordable cover for pre-existing treatments, so that you remain protected no matter what. 

Policy guidance

Selecting the right private medical insurance for you or those close to you can be confusing; no two providers are the same and a lot of factors affect the price and content of a policy. 

The Keen Insurance team will find out more about your goals, circumstances and budget to provide an independent recommendation on the best policy in the market for your needs.