Warehousing, distribution and cargo

Keen Insurance is unique – we understand the bigger picture when it comes to different types of warehouse construction and use.

Tell us how your business operates and we will manage your insurance portfolio for you - finding the right cover, dealing with renewals, understanding your rights and championing any claims you may have. 

Cover for any build

Our business advisers have built a large portfolio by covering many risks, enabling us to deal with non-standard construction types, composite panels, high-power storage and high sums insured.  

No sum too large

Insurers tend to approach these risks on the basis of their “estimated maximum loss” and  often run out of capacity to insure. Keen Insurance can reassure its business customers that it has sufficient capacity to deal with any sum insured. 

Protection for stored goods

As well as the structure, we will identify the best insurance policy to suit any form of goods stored or distributed, under various conditions including RHA, UKWA, BWA, BIFFA.  

Worldwide Cargo Insurance

Additionally, Keen Insurance provides cover under any requested marine clause and will agree a settlement basis in advance. Territorial limits are not an issue for us and we regularly place cover on a throughput basis, both in the UK and globally.

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