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Type: Commercial


Our client is an engineering firm with access to very specialised and highly qualified engineering staff.  They have a background in the petrochemical industry, but only in respect of onshore work.

Cover Required

Through their continued work to a high standard for one of the world’s largest oil companies, they were asked to supply a small number of personnel to assist with the maintenance of an oil rig in the North Sea. Offshore work is an automatic exclusion in most employers’ liability policies.


As our client was already involved in petrochemical work we had placed cover with a Lloyd’s syndicate capable of accepting the rather onerous “waiver of subrogation” clause used in this industry.  We were able to approach the underwriter with precise details of the numbers of men involved in the offshore work and the duties to be performed.

The underwriter removed the offshore exclusion and the additional premium was a fraction of what a new policy would have cost. Our client was able to pass this cost saving onto the principal contractor and won a lucrative on-going contract.

When selecting insurers we often consider what growth or expandability the underwriter can cope with. This helps us be as flexible as possible if or when our clients win or tender for unusual contracts. We understand the bigger picture for your business.