Type: Finance


A couple approached us after investing a large sum of money six years ago. The investment had been split equally between two different providers and products at the time. Unfortunately due to adverse market conditions one part of the investment performed much worse than the other with the net effect being that the clients were in the same position as they started...not actually losing money but no gain either. 


After assessing their overall current financial position, attitude to risk and their objectives of what they wanted to achieve from the funds available, a holistic plan for not just their savings and investments, but also their retirement planning and life cover requirements, were met. 


Twelve months down the line, the couple have benefited from the diversification of asset classes and investment houses that we can provide. We have kept them on target with regular updates and meetings.

This is how we as advisers like to work at Keen Investments, not just concentrating on one area of your financial planning but taking everything into consideration. 

From what started out as an unhappy couple coming into the office, they have become very satisfied Keen Investment clients.