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Household Claim

Type: Personal


Our client owns a picturesque rural property built around 1900 that sits in three acres on a hillside with quite lovely views. Their property demonstrated signs of subsidence.


They contacted us initially as had noticed a crack has appeared in an internal wall. We reported to insurers and visited with the loss adjuster.

A small plastic measuring device, called a tell-tale, was glued over the crack to detect movement in millimetres. Within a matter of days the tell-tale had snapped and other cracks had appeared. 

The insurers wanted to monitor further and adopt a “wait and see” approach. Our client was quite rightly distraught and we insisted that Structural Engineers were appointed immediately, who ordered a geological survey.

Within only three months of the original report, we had established that a “slip” was occurring on a geological scale. The movement was so severe and the slip so deep that in effect our client’s home was sliding down the hillside.


Through persistent negotiation we persuaded insurers that a fair settlement would be to “write off” the home and pay the market value. The land was completely unusable and could not be rebuilt on.

We paid our client £420,000. He bought a parcel of land (after a further full geological survey) nearby and built a new house with an equally wonderful view.