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Application of Heat

Type: Commercial


Our client is a welder/fabricator with a couple of employees. His company name includes the word “heat” in the title and his day-to-day work involves maintenance within a steel works.

Cover Required

Keen quoted against his business and won on costs. When setting up his new policy we were handed a copy of his existing schedule and to our horror we found that it carried exclusions for the application of heat and work in or on blast furnaces; activities that the client performs every day of his working life.

He had been insured with the same broker for over a decade and approached us for a quotation just to see if his price was competitive.


We ask insurers to prepare documents carefully and check to ensure that the policy meets the client’s needs. We also insist that our client checks their documents. If a claim had occurred here the loss could have finished the client. He is now properly protected through our attention to detail.